Aluminum Sulphate (Non - Ferric Alum)

Purity: > 17%Color: White
pH: > 3.0Appearance: Slabs and lumps
Formula: AL2(SO4)3 Grade standard: Industrial
CAS No.: 10043-01-3HS Code: 2833220000
Packaging Material Available in the form of SLAB and Lumps packed in 50Kgs HDPE BAGS.

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Aluminum Sulphate (Non - Ferric Alum)

Description Of Aluminum Sulphate (Non - Ferric Alum)

At JAL AQUA INTERNATIONAL, we manufacture and export aluminum sulphate in abundance from India. We supply it regularly to our international clients. The product is supplied in the form of slabs and lumps.

Pulp and paper industries being the major consumers of our Non-ferric alum (aluminum sulphate) uses our product as a flocculating agent/coagulant in water.

  • This product can be used for wastewater treatment, it is used to purify and clean sewage water. Upon mixing, the fats, oils and petroleum products present in the wastewater gets coagulated.
  • It is used as a leather tanning agent in the leather industry.
  • In the soil, it reduces the pH to make it less alkaline.
  • It acts as a cement hardening agent due to its acidic nature.
  • It acts as a mordant in dyeing industry.
  • It can be used as an anti-caking agent in the fire extinguisher.
  • It acts a flame-retardant additive and a foaming agent in firefighting foams.