Welcome to JAL AQUA INTERNATIONAL, our premium chemicals are supplied to numerous processing industries globally. We have the state-of-the-art production facilities for our diversified product portfolio at different locations across Gujarat, India. The vital demand of our synthesised chemicals has paved the foundations of our company.

About Us
Water Treatment Compund for Swimming Pool Water treatment
Hypochlorite manufacturing

Our modern and sophisticated manufacturing unit can produce high quality chemicals used in textile, leather, mining and water treatment industry. We have teams of experts and trained professionals for the synthesis of these vital chemicals.

Quality Control of Hypochlorite

Excellent quality is the epitome of success. At JAL AQUA INTERNATIONAL, we explicitly work to supply Quality in what we do. We have succeeded in providing premium quality products and services to our customers. We comply with ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001; OHSAS Certifications.


Truly a global supplier, we have an International market coverage. Our chemicals are supplied in Africa, Asia, Latin America etc. to name a few.