The main objective of the Company is to supply products that are fit for use and have the desired quality in accordance with customer requirements and specifications. Our customers expect reliable and optimum cost products delivered on time. At Jal Aqua International quality is important part in our products and services and in our people.


  • - ISO 9001: 2015
  • - ISO 14001:2015
  • - OSHAS 18001
  • - GMP

Quality Policy

  • Customer Focus: We focus at understanding the needs of our customers in terms of product requirement, delivery time, product packaging, payment methods etc. and deliver efficiently to meet their expectations.
  • Market Focus: We tend to understand the ongoing market requirements and the competitive trends. We work on customizing our deliveries to meet our customer’s needs and accelerate to bring those solutions in the market.
  • Relationships: Our activities foster strategic business partnerships with customers and suppliers that improve quality and enhance our business results.
  • Improvement: We constantly stress on value-adding strategies to boost improvements. We invest time in exploring new problem-solving techniques for the ease of work.
  • Scientific Method: We understand the concepts of variation and waste. We apply appropriate tools to drive productivity and enable innovation.
  • Learning: We assess performance and benchmark against best practices. We capture, share and institutionalize learning to improve results.
  • Process Focus: We design and improve manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes that optimize business results.
Quality Policy