Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate – SDIC

Purity: 56-60%Color: White
pH: 5.5 – 7 Appearance: Powder/granular
Formula: C3O3N3Cl2NaGrade standard: Industrial
Melting Point: 250o C Moisture: Less than 5%
CAS No.: 2893-78-9EINECS No.: 220-767-7
Packaging 45kg / 50kg HDPE packaging

Description Of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate – SDIC

SCID is a source of free available chlorine. It is a sodium salt of chlorinated hydroxytriazine. It is present in the form of hypochlorous acid and used as a water disinfecting compound. SDIC’s main application is treating swimming pool water. It is used to sanitize and disinfect water, and to make it fit for swimmers to use. It also finds its application in the food industry. Due to its efficiency of releasing fast chlorine in water, it is used to disinfect drinking water. Moreover, now days it is used for water treatment in the households.


  • SDIC is widely used against algae. It is used in various circulation water systems to release free chlorine. It is used in power plants, petroleum, chemical and textile industry.
  • In agricultural plantation to kill various fungi, bacteria and other disease.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting in food and beverage processing industry.
  • Disinfecting equipment and floor in hospitals and hotels.

Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure of Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate – SDIC